Eddy Paul and Cami Morris

Senior Pastors

Pastor Eddy Paul and Cami have been in full-time ministry for over 18 years. Both Eddy Paul and Cami have experienced the grace of the Lord deeply in their lives.  As the Holy Spirit has brought healing and freedom to them, they know it is with the same grace they will minister salvation to the lost and healing to the believer.


Eddy Paul received Christ in 1994.  He had just graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.  Unwittingly he stepped into God’s plan for his life when he chose to move to Arizona instead of pursuing an accounting position in Kansas City.

Shortly after arriving in Arizona, Eddy Paul was drawn to read the book “Good Morning Holy Spirit”.  After reading it through in one night he was overcome with grief as the Holy Spirit pinpointed his resistance to God’s grace and plan for his life.  Under deep conviction, he looked to the Lord and repented.

It was a supernatural encounter he will never forget as the Holy Spirit overshadowed his bedroom, and spoke to Eddy Paul the unforgettable words, “I love you, Eddy Paul.  I love you, Eddy Paul.   I love you, Eddy Paul”, and cleansed him from a life of sin and rebellious living.

Cami dedicated her life to Christ in 1993. As a college student getting ready to graduate, God heard her cry for help.  After growing up in an alcoholic home and enduring her parent’s divorce, Cami was trying desperately to find truth and hope in a dark world.  As the enemy pursued her life relentlessly, on many occasions, Cami wanted to take her own life.  After several years of sin and camouflaging her pain with food, alcohol and drugs, she cried out for TRUTH…..and because JESUS is the TRUTH….He came in and flooded her life with love, hope and forgiveness!! She has committed the rest of her life to exposing the enemy’s lies and sharing God’s truth and love with all who will listen!

Service Times:

Sunday: 10:00AM Wednesday: 6:30PM


20817 N 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85027

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